Hiroaki Hayashi

[ hiroakih at cs.cmu.edu ] [GitHub]

I am a PhD Student at the Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Dr. Graham Neubig.
My research interest is document-scale machine reading with external knowledge.

Previously, I was a master’s student working with Dr. Eduard Hovy and Dr. Teruko Mitamura on information extraction in low-resource languages.

Publications and Preprints

The ARIEL-CMU situation frame detection pipeline for LoReHLT16: a model translation approach
Littel, Tian, Xu, Sheikh, Mortensen, Levin, Tyers, Hayashi, Horwood, Sloto, Tagtow, Black, Yang, Mitamura, Hovy
Machine Translation, 2017

Eve: A Gradient Based Optimization Method with Locally and Globally Adaptive Learning Rates
Hiroaki Hayashi*, Jayanth Koushik*, Graham Neubig
[arxiv] [code] [poster]

* Equal contribution